Friday Funnies Presents: Dick Duck, Duck Dick #13> Jim Engel

First appeared in The Comic Reader #178, March 1980

Jim Engel: What to say about #13? I remember a lot of people telling me it was a favorite… I couldn’t (well—WOULDN’T) have done it without the access I had to a photostat machine at my greeting card day job. Poor Jerry Sinkovec had no similar short-cuts when it came to COLORING it—he had to hand cut separations for every panel. The Doc in the last panel gets a name next chapter, so we’ll talk about him then…

Two chapters ago we saw Lackluster Lizard’s debut, and last time a “Bungalow Bill” strip in the Krazy Kat style. Below is a Lackluster Lizard strip from 1976. This originally appeared in “BUMBAZINE”, a fanzine put together by Alan Jim Hanley, Chuck Fiala, and me. The Lackluster character is evolving visually into the character he looks like in DD,DD. Actually, I had a second character called “Newt the Newt” whose visuals I co-opted and gave to Lackluster when I decided to insert him in the DD strip. The strip below is the the first appearance of “Pigs Benedict”, and the rabbit is essentially the look I used for Bungalow Bill in DD. Don’t ask me who the mouse is.


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  1. That’s just pure-D funny. It made me laugh out loud. And Mr. Sinkovec did a great job with the colors!

    I have to admit it – I rushed ahead and read Pals first. Man, I love that little strip.

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