Friday Funnies Presents: Dick Duck, Duck Dick #15 > Jim Engel

First appeared in The Comic Reader #180, May 1980

Jim Engel: So we meet Daphne Duck! Take a good look—she never appeared again. Not my INTENT, but the way it panned out… In re-looking at this page, I noticed room 306—that was our apartment number at the time I drew this one. Also, that music looks real, and knowing me, it probably WAS. I can’t recall what it is, and I can’t read music. If I hadda GUESS? Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman”… The punch-line (if there is one), was just my being (as I recall) sick of the term “relationship”, which by 1980 was in vogue ad nauseam. This “pals” was pure “pals”… I still draw the pals characters today, usually for the same reason I first drew them, in notes to my wife Charis. I also just like drawing the for fun. “pals” BONUS! When I got my Wacom Cintiq a coupla yrs. ago, one of the first things I drew on it was “pals”. In fact, I re-drew the FIRST “pals” (very hastily, without doing a “rough” or “pencil” layer). Slap-dash, but here it is below…


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