Friday Funnies Presents: Dick Duck, Duck Dick #12> Jim Engel

First appeared in The Comic Reader #177, February 1980

Jim Engel: Dick Duck himself doesn’t appear in this installment, but he’s there in spirit as Lackluster Lizard, Bungalow Bill, and Pigs Benedict, filling in at the office for our hospitalized hero, recreate the very first Dick Duck strip. As mentioned last week, these three were all characters I’d played around with prior to Dick Duck… “Bungalow Bill” Bunny appeared in a few one-pagers, and was done in the George Herriman/KRAZY KAT style, which I really enjoyed doing. The example below was printed in NATIONAL COMICS WEEKLY, a great ill-fated color funny animal comic weekly (with really great artists–Neal Sternecky, Mark Martin, Wm Van Horn to name a few)…from 1994


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  1. That’s the finest Harriman pastache ever done by anyone ever! Absolutely brilliant in both art and writing. Just wow.

    Also, I bet I have been guilty on more that one occasion of the “Duck Dick, Dick Duck” fumble myself!!

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