Friday Funnies Presents: Dick Duck, Duck Dick #8> Jim Engel

First appeared in The Comic Reader #173, October 1979

Jim Engel: With DD,DD #8, I began to recognize that a loose continuity was something I wanted to maintain (and a little later would be more important), so I added the little “summary” box up by the logo.

I liked Sam Ram (from last time), and kept using him. I also used him to share with the reader that Pavlov had an irresistible cuteness— “almost supernatural”…

“SERGIO’S WATERING HOLE” was introduced to give the gumshoes an apropos hangout, and to give me an opportunity to pay tribute to a real cartoonist’s cartoonist, MAD’s Sergio Aragonés (AKA ” SERGIO ANTELOPE”…AN-tell-O-pay ). Like all cartoonists, I loved his work, and had met HIM on several occasions in San Diego , L.A., and Chicago, initially through our mutual friend, Scott Shaw!…
Jim and “Sergio Antelopés” inspiration, Sergio Aragonés (1994)

The punchline for this one comes from the popularity at the time, of Barry Manilow (“Barry Armadillo”), who was one of those “love ‘im or hate ‘im” performers. Dick hated him.

“pals” this time? Surprise!


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