Smokey Stover and Spooky: Dell Super Comics #118, 1948 > Bill Holman


4 Responses to “Smokey Stover and Spooky: Dell Super Comics #118, 1948 > Bill Holman”

  1. Doug Drown Says:

    I used to LOVE Smokey Stover. Holman was a genius. The puns were abominable, and the whole thing was just so incredibly insane. I haven’t seen it in forty years or more. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Steve Chaput Says:

    I loved reading this as a kid in the Sunday papers. I knew there were things above my head, but there was enough things in the art to keep me hooked. Thanks for reminding me of a childhood favorite.

  3. ComiCrazys Says:

    You’re welcome, fellas. =)

  4. My only refrence to Smokey Stover was from the seventies cartoon
    Archie’s tv funnies, where Archie and the gang showed cartoons featuring
    Dick Tracy, Broom Hilda, Nancy, and Smokey Stover. Not that good,
    but not that bad.

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