Friday Funnies Presents: Dick Duck, Duck Dick #6> Jim Engel

Jim Engel: Boy–this one needs annotation if only to explain that once attendants pumped your gas for you, and that once “regular” and “no-lead” were your two basic types of gas…
I was starting to enjoy playing around with camera angles and panel breakdowns, and looking at this page now, I remember thinking that the last panel Pavlov was my cutest yet.

And speaking of “cute”, this is my all-time favorite “pals” strip. They’re SO happy, they’re happy even when they’re totally oblivious.

In my comments on DD,DD #3, I mentioned that some yrs. after DICK DUCK, I tried to sell a syndicated comic strip (“BUTTONS”) starring Pavlov (renamed “Buttons”) and Lackluster Duck (essentially Dick Duck in another get-up). The third character in that strip was a little chicken kid called “Egg”, who was in his own way as cute and naive as the “pals” boy & dog (in fact, the Tribune Syndicate, who was pretty interested in “BUTTONS” wanted me to reshape the strip into a kid strip centered around Egg)… Anyway, I re-used this “pals” gag as an Egg gag in my sample submission.

“MacIntosh Mouse” (mentioned in panel one) was another puppet on GARFIELD GOOSE & FRIENDS, as was last installment’s “Romberg Rabbit”…another little tribute, and a little extra for any Chicagoans reading TCR.


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  1. YeeeeHaaaa! I am thrilled to find your site! I discovered your blog after many hours of digging deep into the cybersoil. When I left for Kuwait, where I am living and teaching first graders, doing voice-overs and blogging, I had to give away my entire collection of fanzines. This is a memory-treasure I will frequent often.

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