Anacleto – Agente Secreto: Capitulo Tercero – Sexto > Manuél Vazquez

I haven’t been to a comic shop in ages. Is there anything out there like this? If not – WHY?! Read the first parts here.
PS – More Dick Duck, Duck Dick this Friday.


2 Responses to “Anacleto – Agente Secreto: Capitulo Tercero – Sexto > Manuél Vazquez”

  1. Nope – nothing this good! boy, do I wish! As to why not? Well, this isn’t about a dark, nearly-bad superhero aimed at a reading audience of middle-aged, sexually frustrated males. That is to say, it isn’t fashionable.

    What beautiful movement these pages have – what control, and how well drawn.

    • ComiCrazys Says:

      Thanks, Mykal. I guess I will have no need then to venture out beyond my own collection… and ebay. =)

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