Heckle and Jeckle: Dell Comics #3 1967 (C2C) > Jim Tyer & others

Hello Chris:

This is a really hard one… I’m not the greatest expert on Terrytoon comics, you know… These stories are all from the Pines period, 1956-59, a hard nut to crack for us art spotters… Anyway, these are my guesses:

H&J A Wild Ride! – Jim Tyer
Terry Bears – Al Fago???
H&J The 49th State – Jim Tyer
Gandy Goose – Connie Rasinski
Roquefort – Connie Rasinski???
Dinky – Connie Rasinski
H&J A Really Good Deed! – Jim Tyer

Sorry, can’t do any better. Hope it helps anyway.



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