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Anacleto – Agente Secreto: Capitulo Primero y Segundo > Manuel Vázquez

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Ever since I saw this CartoonBrew post about Spanish cartoonist, Manuel Vázquez, I’ve been hoping to find any collections of his comics. I was fortunate to find this scanned edition online. Sadly, I don’t know Spanish, but isn’t this great?! Reminds me of Harvey Kurtzman’s Pot Shot Pete!

Can anyone help me find all of these Anacleto collections, and any other Manuel Vázquez collections? Anyone?

Update: I found one!!! Woohoo!!
Update 2: The seller won’t ship outside of Europe!!! Dang idjit!!!


Standing On Ceremony (completed) > Don Flowers

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Sorry for not cropping the scans like in the first part. This was a rushed post. =)

Egbert: the rest of issue #6 1947 > Ernest Hart, Al Fago & others

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Cerebus the Aardvark: The Girl Next Door > Dave Sim

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Felix the Cat: Trial Buffoon > Otto Messmer & Joe Oriolo (?)

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Heckle and Jeckle: Dell Comics #3 1967 (C2C) > Jim Tyer & others

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Hello Chris:

This is a really hard one… I’m not the greatest expert on Terrytoon comics, you know… These stories are all from the Pines period, 1956-59, a hard nut to crack for us art spotters… Anyway, these are my guesses:

H&J A Wild Ride! – Jim Tyer
Terry Bears – Al Fago???
H&J The 49th State – Jim Tyer
Gandy Goose – Connie Rasinski
Roquefort – Connie Rasinski???
Dinky – Connie Rasinski
H&J A Really Good Deed! – Jim Tyer

Sorry, can’t do any better. Hope it helps anyway.