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After seeing this post on Oscar Grillo’s blog, I was an instant fan. I went hunting for more work from José Luis Moro, and was excited to find more examples here and here. I thought that I had seen some more work on Shane Glines’ blog, but can’t seem to find it now. I may be mistaken. So, here are all the images I collected from those great blogs. Enjoy!

PS – Mr. Grillo informed me that there was a collection of Moro’s work put out, but I have yet to track down a copy. Any info and/or comics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE: The Cantinflas Show cartoons by Moro – El Petroleo; Galileo; La Ciudad de México; Acapulco. I’m not sure if all of these were directed by Moro since the opening credits are edited out. Thanks to Pedro Arizpe for the info.


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