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Mighty Mouse: Santa’s Helper > Chad

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The Ripping Friends: The Man From Next Thursday Part 2 > Spumco

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From Jim Smith:

Hey ComicCrazys, that episode was storyboarded by John Dorman, if memory serves and directed by John K. The layouts were done at either Funbag or Red Rover studios both in Canada. I couldn’t tell you who did the scene but John K. would know more. I was in Canada as layout supervisor, but on the Stinky Butt episode. Thanks for posting those images.

If you have a region-free DVD player, or know how to hack your computer to make your internal DVD drive region-free, then I highly recommend getting this complete episode, 2-DVD set of The Ripping Friends:

Hick and Slick: Foxy Fagan #2 > Harvey Eisenberg

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Cartoonist Spotlight: Cover Gallery & Comics > José Luis Moro

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After seeing this post on Oscar Grillo’s blog, I was an instant fan. I went hunting for more work from José Luis Moro, and was excited to find more examples here and here. I thought that I had seen some more work on Shane Glines’ blog, but can’t seem to find it now. I may be mistaken. So, here are all the images I collected from those great blogs. Enjoy!

PS – Mr. Grillo informed me that there was a collection of Moro’s work put out, but I have yet to track down a copy. Any info and/or comics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE: The Cantinflas Show cartoons by Moro – El Petroleo; Galileo; La Ciudad de México; Acapulco. I’m not sure if all of these were directed by Moro since the opening credits are edited out. Thanks to Pedro Arizpe for the info.

The Comic Zoo: Sundays 1943 > George Scarbo

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* The size of this ^ panel measures 4-1/2″ X 9″!!!