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The Monsters: Color-The-Creature Book > Bernie Wrightson

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Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein: Title Pages > Dick Briefer

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In each issue of Frankenstein, there were usually 4 separate stories. Dick Briefer made great use of this to create some wonderful title pages for each story. I thought you’d want to see them. This really is a lost part of comics today. We have the splash page, yes, but that is usually the establishing shot for the scene. Briefer’s title pages usually didn’t begin the story, but introduced it. A great device that should definitely be used again today. Enjoy.

Book Review: Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein > Craig Yoe

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Be afraid. BE VERY… AFRAID!
Then… just turn the page and be hysterical. That is the magic of Craig Yoe’s latest classic comics book. A 148-page compilation of the incredible, Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein, horror and humor extravaganza! And just in time for Halloween!!!

Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein available at Amazon

I can’t remember where I first saw Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein. Definitely on a comics blog, though. I was an instant fan. Dick Briefer’s wonderfully loose brush work reminded me of George Lichty. Briefer also has a wonderful cast of supporting characters and a knack for expressions that fill them with instant personality. I was hooked. I had to have more and scoured the internet for more examples of Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein. Like this one.

Now like any good monster should, Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein has his dark side and Craig Yoe makes sure to give you a generous helping of both sides of Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein. But for me, I LOVE Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein’s lighter side.

Now, in typical Craig Yoe fashion, he has asked a number of his fellow comic bloggers to participate in this Frightful Frankenstein Friday! So now you, fortunate reader, have the luxury of reading more of Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein without having to google search. Check the links below for more great stories from both sides of that lovable zipper-neck, Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein!

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Pierre Fournier’s Frankensteinia

The Professor’s Magic Carpet Burn

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And lastly, no Frankenstein post would be complete without the incredible Madeline Kahn.

“GJDRKZLXCBWG” Comics: A Gallery of Gooney Gags > Basil Wolverton

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Kane & John Carter of Mars: Book Covers and Interior Illos > Frank Frazetta & Richard Corben

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Probably the only artist that can follow-up Frazetta on the John Carter series, Richard Corben!

Hugo Meets The Baron: Hugo #1 1984 > Milton Knight

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CAPRICE, TEEN OF TOMORROW is my dream cartoon; I’ve been planning and animating it since 2003. A space fantasy, full of wild action and music, reminiscent of the earthy animation of the 1930s, but thoroughly original and modern.
CAPRICE has a solid idea behind it; it is the story of adolescents of all galaxies living in a bleak, blighted parody of the Ideal Future. Urban waste and condemned planets surrounding them, they gather after dark…and unbeknownst to their guardians…at the Yum Spot, a spacious hamburger joint miraculously untouched by the vagaries of time and implied war. It is here that Caprice is free to break from the constraints of her (well-loved) home and make merry with her favorite people; classmates of all shapes, sizes, colors and species. But, from one of those condemned planets, danger erupts, putting them all in peril, and it is then that CAPRICE emerges, capable, energetic, and, eventually, victorious. Click here to read more.

Here’s a fan drawing I did for Milton when he first started his website, oh so long ago. It’s still there in the Letters section! Thanks, Milt!

Superwest Comics: Superwest vs The Shadow > Massimo Mattioli

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Bonus: Superwest Wallpaper