Kind words and some help from Mr. Alberto Becattini


I very much appreciate your blog. Let me provide some credits to some of your recent posts.

APRIL 7, 2010 post
Mister Magoo Sundays – written by Don Sheppard, pencilled by Pete Alvarado.

MAY 5, 2010 post
The Flintstones Sundays – written by Gene Hazelton, pencilled by Dick Bickenbach, inked and lettered by Roger Armstrong.

JUNE 17, 2010 post
Silly Symphonies Sundays – art by Al Taliaferro

JULY 21, 2010 post
Bugs Bunny: The Woo-Woo Warriors – Art by Fred Abranz (reprinted from Bugs Bunny #55).

JULY 28, 2010 post
Our Gang with Tom and Jerry #50 – Tom & Jerry story drawn by Dan Gormley.

Keep up the excellent work! And… have a look at my webpages at

Alberto Becattini

Thank you so much Mr. Becattini for the kind words and information. As a note to everyone, when I put in the title of a post that the artist is unknown, that is either because the artist was not credited in the comic or, because of my serious lacking of funny books history. It is usually due to the latter. So please, feel free to send me any information that I may be missing in some posts. I would love to credit all the great cartoonists that bring smiles to our faces with their fabulous works. Thanks =)


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