The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books and Life Story

Giggle Comics, No. 55, 1948 ACG Comics

Giggle Comics, No. 60, 1948 ACG Comics

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Milt Gross’, but to be honest the first time I saw his work I was disgusted. I had heard much about Gross on various cartoonist websites (Remember websites? They came before blogs.) before ever actually seeing his comics. Then one day, Shane Glines posted a Moronica story drawn by Gross. My immediate reaction was, “WTF is this?!!! Is this what the hubbub is all about? This is crap!” and I never looked back. Well, that’s not so true. I did look back, and back… and back. I found myself drawn to that Moronica story in a way that I hadn’t been drawn to a comic in years. (Please forgive the pun.) That Moronica story had an energy to it that is rare to find in comics, with the exception of Harvey Kurtzman’s, Hey Look! one-page fillers.

I can’t say much more about this book that others haven’t already said much more studiously and humorously. I will add this though, this is one big-ass book! If you’re concerned about the price, DO NOT BE! You are getting one hefty tome that will withstand years, if not decades of read throughs! After hunting around, and spending quite a bit of money on locating each comic that is included in this book, and YES, it is COMPLETE, I just have to say this to Mr. Yoe – DAMN YOU!!! You should have done this sooner and saved me a lot of money!!! =)


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